Advertising Benefits of Structured Social Networking

What Is Structured Social?

structured social

Structured Social is an accelerator and globally positioned as a forecaster of paid growth specializing in deep platform strategies that fuse the world’s of day trading, long term planning, social and multi-media into one cohesive branded growth strategy. It offers a segmented approach to the verticals of Feminine Care, Fashion, Sports, and Consumer Tech to place an unparalleled perspective on the current landscape of high growth paid marketing

4 Advertising Benefits of Structured Social Media

Promoting your products and services

A lot of people are still not comfortable with using this innovative way of advertising. Some have the misconception that it is still dirty, unlike the traditional ads placed in newspapers and magazines. But that is far from the truth. Unlike in the past, today, one can easily create an online campaign that would rival the results of traditional advertisements. There are no longer any restrictions to placing ads like in the past because of spam laws. And most importantly, unlike in the past, advertisers have the option to manage their online presence through a website or a customized app.

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Extend your reach

Aside from promoting your products and services, a website can also be used to extend your reach. With a carefully thought-out social networking strategy, you can let the world know about your products and services in a subtle way. Do you own a restaurant? Why not make your restaurant’s Facebook page known so that soon, you will have loyal customers visiting your website? The possibilities are endless.

Enable user to interact with your customers more easily

Another advantage is that you will be able to interact with your customers more easily. Why don’t you try leaving open feedbacks for their favorite products or services? They may not verbally tell you but they would surely acknowledge it through their actions. Facebook can also be used as a platform where you can meet new people. It is a good venue to introduce your business to others.

Use website as a showcase

Another advertising benefit of a website is that you can use it as a showcase. This is very useful when trying to attract and woo advertisers. If you have a website that already generates traffic, why not use it to showcase your company? Make sure that you have a well-designed website that can easily be navigable by visitors.

By incorporating Facebook applications on your website, you will be able to interact with your customers more easily. You would be able to respond to their queries or comments or even add some comments to their posts. Remember that Facebook is a platform where customers can share their experiences with their friends. You may receive positive comments from your friends who would definitely encourage you to improve your service. And if you are able to offer them freebies, they would be more than happy to recommend you to their friends.

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By using YouTube as your online video sharing service, you can promote your company by creating promotional videos that would show your customer’s life activities. You may use the videos to showcase your latest products and services, or just to entertain your customers. This would help you market your brand more effectively.

Structured Social Sharing Formula – Whiteboard Friday

In Conclusion

There you have it, three good reasons why you should consider using structured social networking for your website. The first reason is that the advertising benefits it offers are highly effective. You will be able to target a specific group of people, and this in turn would increase the number of people visiting your website. By networking with other companies, you can also expand your customer base, as people with similar interests would have similar interests with you. And this all leads to higher profits.

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Other Related Sources

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An Accelerator and globally positioned as a forecaster of paid growth specializing in deep platform strategies that fuse the world’s of day trading, long term planning, social and multi-media into one cohesive branded growth strategy.


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Structured Social has been one of the leading e-commerce companies helping consumer-focused companies drive revenue growth by providing expert consulting on offer structure, page design, paid social campaigns and partnerships with brands.


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The direct to consumer experts just became a powerhouse player in the e-commerce industry. In an undisclosed deal, Structured Social announced the acquisition of one of the industry’s top e-mail and retention marketing agencies, Boundless Labs.

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Building brands start at the foundation. That’s where we come in. Whether it is building you from the beginning or working hard to establish your future. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs like yourself who are ready to get their hands dirty, build a base, then scale you to success.


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