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About PhoneX

So what is PhoneXPhoneX is a plug-n-play VoIP telephone that has an adapter that fits into an existing outlet. This plug-n-play telephone connects to the computer (via the USB port) and the computer displays a virtual telephone cord that looks just like any other normal phone cord you would find. The one difference is that this cord has an extension unit that turns the phone into a sound card, speakerphone and microphone, just like any other normal telephone.

PhoneX is a great new product from Vonage, the company that makes Vonage VoIP phones. You might have come across PhoneX before and thought to yourself “What is this?”. Well, in this article you will get a quick introduction to what PhoneX is and how it can help you make the most out of your VoIP experience. PhoneX is the brand under which all the Vonage VoIP phones are known. You probably came here by searching for PhoneX. The proper spelling of the word is Phonix.

PhoneX feature

Just like any other telephone, you will need a phone jack, an AC outlet and an adapter for your computer to link the phone cord to. To connect your phone to the computer you simply plug the phone jack into the nearest outlet. This gives you the ability to talk as if you were actually using a normal telephone. You do not have to use a power adapter and it is not connected to the computer. All three components are built into one convenient unit.

phoneX feature

Benefits of PhoneX

Longer cord

One of the benefits of using PhoneX is that the telephone cord can be a little bit longer because it is attached to a physical entity (the phone jack). The phone connection is a permanent part of the telephone and does not turn solid until you turn the device on. If you were to turn the device on and then remove the phone from its base unit, it would break because the plug holding it to the base unit is non-solid. The phone connection is very important because it is the key to making a phone call. If the phone connection were not permanent it would not be practical to make or receive telephone calls, because you would need to pick up the phone on another electrical outlet and go to the other end to answer the call.

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With the new PhoneX devices, you don’t have to worry about this problem because you are able to utilize an existing outlet for the phone connection and the audio accessory cord. All three components can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet and it makes the cordless phone more useful than it ever was before. Since there is no plug, the extension cord is not needed. It is made of durable materials that will not fray or break easily. A longer cord would require a lot more extension cords, which could become quite expensive and bulky.

Battery convenience

Another benefit of the PhoneX technology is the fact that it allows you to turn the extension cord into a power cord. This cordless phone solution will charge the cell phone when the battery is in use. You can use this feature when you are traveling or simply do not want to be attached to the phone while it is charging. In order to turn the phone into a power cord, you simply take off the protective outer cover. It is very simple to do, and you can enjoy the convenience of the phone even if you have small children around who might accidentally try to squeeze the cord.

Special features

Another advantage of the PhoneX technology is that it offers many features that cannot be found on other cordless phone solutions. For example, if you have an MP3 player or any type of handheld media player that uses the airplay feature, this cordless phone solution will allow you to play music or videos through it without being attached to the phone. You can also use it with other devices such as your laptop or tablet computer.

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Perhaps one of the most interesting features of PhoneX is its ability to provide mobility. Many people think that all cordless phone solutions are made just for the purpose of traveling. However, the PhoneX is so much more than this. It is perfect for people who need mobility because it offers both standard and infrared remote controls, as well as handy attachments such as car kits and headsets so that you never miss a call.

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