Why PLE Computers Are Ideal For Home and Small Businesses

About PLE Computers

PLE computers provides custom-built, notebook computers, computer parts, accessories and managed IT services to the Australian market. They are based in Australia and are 100% Australian Owned and Operated. PLE Distributors are available in all major cities in Australia. They can be found in the main areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart. PLE offers top-quality customer service and after-sales support for all its products.

PLE Distributors stock the latest brands such as Apple Macintosh, Compaq, HP, IBM and others. Each computer is unique, and you can customize the system to suit your specific requirements. PLE computer systems also come with various upgrades and add-ons depending on your requirements. It is easy to install a PLE system and no experience is required. The system uses a fully redundant LAN/Ethernet setup.

Advantages of PLE Computers

Low price

PLE computers have many advantages over the competition. The price of a PLE system is lower than a comparable desktop computer. The warranty provided is also comparatively short, and many upgrades can be performed without upgrading the entire computer. Many accessories such as modems, scanners, printers and disk drives can be easily added to a PLE computer system.

Easy-using operating system

PLE’s use a proprietary operating system that is easy to use. There is no need to become a computer expert to use the system. The manuals are comprehensive and extremely user-friendly. All aspects of the computer system are illustrated with simple and clear steps.

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These PLE systems use an Intel Pentium processor with a Toshiba Satellite motherboard. Advanced cooling and energy-efficient components result in low power consumption. The satellite motherboard supports a compact design that makes it highly portable. Connectivity capabilities include high-speed broadband, Bluetooth, USB and FireWire interface with Fiber Channel capability.

Diversified Usages of PLE Computers


A PLE computer system can be used for many activities like word processing, gaming, listening to music, viewing photographs and videos, editing, networking, faxing, file and graphics editing, photo editing, online and office applications, and Internet surfing. The hard drive is configured as a cache hard drive. The computer also has the ability to function as a P3 device. This means that some of the older storage methods such as floppies and Zip disks can be adapted by the PLE computer system. Modern hard drives such as solid-state drives and spinning disks are not suitable for PLE systems.

Educational method

One of the most popular uses for PLE computers is for educational purposes. The reason for this is that many schools have started to use them for teacher resources such as web browsing and reading assignments. PLE computer systems are ideal for use in the home, allowing parents to monitor their children’s activities and in many other instances.

A PLE computer is ideal for use by children. It is easy to use for young kids who do not have the experience or knowledge to use sophisticated desktop computer systems. It is also a cost-effective choice for parents who are looking for a low-cost educational tool. Since the PLE can be used as a portable personal digital assistant, parents can keep tabs on their kids even when they are off attending school. The system can be connected to a public computer or an internet cafe. In case the local cafe does not have adequate wireless facilities, the PLE system can be used as a replacement for a laptop or handheld personal digital assistant.

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PLEs are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, too. Many companies are opting to purchase PLE computers so employees can work remotely. This allows companies to save money on travel expenses and commuting costs.

Where to Buy PLE Computers?

There are many different companies that offer PLE computers. They include Dell, Compaq, E Machines, Gateway and others. In addition, some of these companies offer other peripherals such as printers, scanners, modems and other accessories. With the popularity of PLEs, there are several manufacturers who have become well-known in the PLE market. Dell is one of these brands that offer a range of different PLE models.


PLE computers are perfect for both home and business users. They have become increasingly affordable over the years and are ideal for those who need to use a computer but cannot afford to purchase a full-fledged desktop computer. They are simple to use and come with many useful features such as printing capabilities, wireless capability and many others. PLEs are easy to find and provide the best value for your money.

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