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About Dinar Guru

Dinar Guru is an online newsletter that provides its subscribers with regular updates on recent issues related to the foreign exchange market. Dinar Recaps, however, promises to be an online website which aggregates current news about the Iraq economy, sourced from reliable sources and not necessarily from financial gurus only. The newsletter provides in-depth market analysis and timely news that is relevant to investors in the forex or options market.

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Operating Mechanism Myths

Associated with the Dubai government

A common myth related to Dinar Guru is that it is somehow associated with the Dubai government. This is despite the fact that the website does not have a license to operate in Dubai. It was established by a man named Mustafa Azablar. The name Dinar Guru is actually used by investors to describe the website.

Connected to the use of the dollar

Another myth relates to the use of the dollar in the Middle East. Dinar Guru argues that many middle eastern countries have chosen to issue their own currencies rather than the dollar, leading to a depreciation of the currency. In order to combat this problem, Dinar Guru points out that the United States has been buying up large amounts of currency in the region in order to support their currency. They argue that if the United States had stopped doing this, they can reduce the strength of the dinar and this would result in lower trading.

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Target “investors”

Another myth relates to how Dinar Guru targets “investors”. They argue that most investors do not make money from forex trading. However, they admit that experienced traders can make money from foreign exchange trading but the average investor cannot. This argument is somewhat contradictory as the wealthy individuals who use the Dinar Gurus’ system make quite a lot of money.

Based on hard-to-read software

One of the biggest myths surrounding Dinar Guru is that it is based on hard-to-read software that does all the work for you. This is not true, however. You will still need to understand how the market works in order to profit from your investments. The authors of the site have made it clear that does not require you to know everything about the market in order to profit from your investments. You will still need to have a working knowledge of the current global economy to determine which currencies are strong and which are weak.

Advantages of Dinar Guru

The website provides regular reports that are largely inaccurate and are designed to frighten investors away from the real estate market. Dinar Guru takes a critical view of the Dubai real estate market and suggests that it is far too dependent on oil prices. The site also takes a strong stance against the Iraq war and argues that the cash spent on the war will directly affect the strength of the dinar. The war resulted in an increase in oil prices which in turn will reduce cash flow in the economy and reduce the strength of the dinar. While there are some analysts who disagree with this analysis, others such as Azablar stand by his arguments.

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The authors of Dinar Guru are fully aware of the challenges that investing with the Dubai Dinar presents. They have done extensive research into understanding how to price foreign currencies and have come up with a method that does not require you to hold your investment in the hopes that it will rise in value. By using the Guru, you will be able to buy and sell Dubai Dinars as if they were any other currency, with the added benefit of being able to make good use of the Dubai financial system. With such security in place, many middle easterners have taken advantage of the ability to use foreign currency and are profiting every day.


Finally, some people believe that they can trade with the Dubai Dinar by an offshore account. This is untrue. People from all over the middle east have been trading with the Dubai Dinar for years and many now have accounts at a bank or other financial institution. Some of these people may not have previously traded with the dinars in Dubai but have since converted to the currency.

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