The First Social Media Logos

The first logos of social networks are symbols of the platforms from which the history of the existence of large companies began. The icons of most networks have not changed and are now very popular among clients of information resources. The history of the design of emblems carries marketing values ​​in the direction of the site’s recognition and the concept of the meaning of its purpose.

4 Instagram logos


The brand badge appeared in America a long time ago in 2010. Developers Kevin Sistre and Mike Krieger have created a platform for the quick submission of photos, images. When the construction of the electronic resource was completed, the creators did not hesitate to choose a white camera as the logo of the main page, with four multi-colored lines (red, green, yellow) located in the middle. Today the emblem has a more modern, stylish look. The image was gradually modernized and represents the form of a white camera on a multi-colored background, where shades of pink, purple and orange predominate, which means the presence of multi-colored filters in the program.


Creator Mark Zuckerberg, while developing the previously famous Facebook channel, instructed a classmate to design an icon. In view of the available intellectual capabilities, the fifth-grader did not hesitate and chose the face of the actor, Al Pacino, to form the basis of the website design, darkening it in blue. The name of the platform appeared elementary. Facebook is an official document or dossier filed on American students who have no parenting standards, as well as on individuals with defiant behavior. Today, the picture has changed and is represented by the letter f of the English alphabet, while the background remains blue.

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The name of the social network in English translates as Twitter. The Americans used the platform for active communication. The logo designers have always opted for birds. In 2006, the emblem was an image of a thrush looking to the left with a white eye; in 2009, the cover was replaced by a bird flying to the right, where its beak and eyes are clearly expressed, in contrast to the first and last two images.


Telegram was created in 2013. The space was occupied by a white paper airplane borrowed from the Sparrow website, the developer of which wanted to file a lawsuit against Pavel Durov for the illegal appropriation of the idea. They began to make claims about the similarity of the sites, which negatively affected the reputation of the foreign social network. The meeting did not take place due to the death of the future plaintiff. It should be noted that the image of the aircraft also has some differences, which could have influenced inadvertent actions of the copy of the logo.


The creation of the famous site was completed in 2006. The first emblem adorned two Russian-language letters VK, which deprived the Facebook developers of happiness, who later lost a large audience of visitors. In 2013, the logo was changed to English letters in a large font VK.


The native logo of the company is the telephone receiver, depicted against a green background. The logo inspires confidence in the use of the services and has practically not changed during the life of the program. The first symbol was a green pipe on a white background, then the second option was replaced by a white pipe on a green background.

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Tik Tok

The platform appeared in 2016. The initial version has not changed much. The note, combined with the English letter d in black in 2017, was supplemented with the inscription Tik Tok. The note is circled in red and blue marker. The creation of a 3D modification has adorned the site’s logo throughout the life of the platform. The letter d, which has a note configuration that provides a simple association with the word dance, which means to dance. In the application, users share music and videos with each other.

The symbol of social networks has a hidden meaning and a phrase by which you can easily determine the purpose of information resources. As you can see, the above social networks have not undergone significant changes in the logo brand, retaining the main image of the image.

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