Top 7 Essential Extensions For Email Marketing

There are several extensions for Gmail that can help you improve your email marketing. You can use Yesware to track how often users check their emails, how they’re opening them, and which devices they’re using to read them. Boomerang can help you schedule messages and track which ones are being read. It can also tell you when and where a particular email was opened. And if your marketing efforts aren’t getting the desired results, you can even schedule reminders.

7 Useful Extensions For Emails

In addition to email tracking, there are other tools available to streamline your emails. Some of these tools will help you find new subscribers, manage your campaigns, and protect sensitive data. Some of them will even help you manage your email sending. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a company, there’s an extension that will make your life a little easier. Here are the top 7 extensions for an email account:

Extensions For Email

1. Outlook Calendar Extension

With this extension for email, you can create beautiful signatures without using sticky notes or calendars. It will also tell you if an email was opened or clicked. This extension works for both Gmail and Outlook. It’s free and one of the highest-rated extensions on the Chrome Web Store. o MailChimp Client. With this extension, you can keep track of recent campaign stats. Zapier can even add new subscribers to your Google Sheet.

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2. Boomerang

This Gmail productivity extension allows you to set an email delivery time based on different time zones. You can even set a specific time and date for your email to be delivered. And it works in any browser, making it a great extension for those who need to send multiple emails a day. And if you’re in the market for a new tool for email marketing, this extension will make your life much easier.

3. Zapier

This extension lets you connect your favorite apps. For example, you can use Campaign Monitor to automatically add new subscribers to Google Sheets. And it can also automate tasks between different apps. These extensions are a great way to save time on email creation. Just make sure you use them for your best email marketing. If you don’t want to use them, you should disable them and install the plugins you need.

4. Follow Up Email

This extension allows you to send emails based on five different events. They can be related to a customer’s order, wishlist, or abandoned cart. It also offers comprehensive statistics that will help you analyze the performance of your email campaigns and improve them accordingly. It is recommended for anyone working with email campaigns. The following are some of the top extensions for email marketing in Google Chrome. You can download them on the Chrome Web Store.

5. Hunter

This extension allows you to find hidden emails on websites. This means you’ll be able to find the right contact in no time. This extension also helps you track emails. It can help you find contacts that you’ve forgotten about. It helps you create HTML emails for your emails. And thanks to the extension, you can send and track your emails more efficiently than ever before. You’ll never worry about the performance of your emails again.

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6. Auto Text Expander

You can define shortcuts for different phrases and words to save time. With this extension, you can create and send email messages that are more targeted and effective than ever before. You can send them to your contacts in bulk or individually. These extensions can be useful for email marketers of any size. These are the top 5 extensions for email marketing that you can use to improve your productivity. These are just some of the tools that you can use to improve your business through emails.

7. Zapier

This extension allows you to connect different apps and automate tasks between them. For example, you can connect Campaign Monitor to Google Sheets and add new subscribers to the spreadsheet. It’s as simple as that! When you’re sending emails, it’s important to find contacts and contact details that you’ve saved. Adding these contacts to your address book is a great way to streamline your work.

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With email consuming an estimated 25% of our workday, anything that helps improve its usage and efficiency, as well as its enjoyment, is worth experimenting with. Try some of these email extensions above and let us know which ones you love. 


17 Best Gmail Extensions that Make Email Super Easy

In today’s email-centric work environment, you have to make sure you’re on top of your game.

But that’s easier said than done. You likely use email to manage customer relationships, talk to your team, network and manage your to-do list. Keeping up with everything makes it all too easy to drown in an ocean of emails.

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Luckily, tons of Gmail plugins exist that make your life way easier. Some of these Gmail extensions add handy new features and capabilities to your email account, while others make a huge difference in email optimization.

You can now send higher-quality, better-informed emails, faster than ever—so that communication with clients and peers doesn’t have to take up half your day.


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The average U.S. worker spends 28% of their workweek reading and responding to and sending emails. If you’re anything like the average worker, you spend over 10 hours a week looking at your email inbox. And not all of this time is directly productive as a fair chunk of it is probably spent trying to make sense of what tasks to prioritize.

As Gmail is a powerful tool, there are plenty of ways to improve your email productivity and reduce that time.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the best Gmail add-ons and Gmail extensions that can help you reach this goal.


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