The Tech That Is Going To Change Gaming Forever

Human society has always had games to play, and as society develops, so too do the games that we play. From simple board games to multiplayer online computer gaming that pervades all aspects of our lives, the nature of the game is still undergoing huge changes. This article examines the tech that has now forever changed and is changing the way that we will play online games.

Virtual reality

Creating an immersive environment for gamers is becoming possible with virtual reality, and these goggles and headsets can bring the game into your home. The Oculus Quest and the PlayStation VR are the top game developers at the moment, but as the technology improves, it is likely to be added and included in many other game titles and spread across the gaming world. VR has arguably not reached its true potential in the gaming world, and it is still not possible to walk into a game and be fully immersed in the world as if you belong there, simply using a VR headset. But the argument herein is that those times will indeed come, and VR is the tech that will make it possible sooner than we think. The next level is professional and seamless VR for mobile phones.

Mobile technology specific for gaming

There is a plethora of mobile technology that is emerging and expected to be designed and released to enhance mobile gaming. It is now easier than ever to play online casino games at, smoothly and without any video juttering or buffering. Mobile controllers, smaller mobile power banks, and specialist gaming phones are just a few of the tech developments that are expected to be big business and change the way we all game. The aim is to move towards a truly shared device rather than having your volume button as the trigger button. The fact that more people now access the internet and their media and entertainment on mobile devices than any other means ensure that we will definitely see further developments in this regard.

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Artificial intelligence

The recent advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have begun to move strongly out of the experimental phases and into our daily lives. It is a technology that has been vital in the development of the self-driving car, computer vision, and language processing, and one of the next use points is gaming and entertainment. In fact, many of the current useable AI technology has been developed in games through programs such as AlphaGo (Deep Mind) and Open AI, which had a Dota 2 bot that could beat professional players. It is tech that will change the way we game and improve the experience none end.

This is that technology that will drive gaming and, more specifically, mobile gaming. People now want to be able to play fully immersive experiences and games wherever they are and whenever they want to play these games. The bottom line is that tech and game developers will now simply begin to meet these needs, and over the next few years, we should expect to see huge developments in the tech as mentioned herein.

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