Mobile Tech Taking Online Gaming To Next Level

Mobile gaming has been on the up and up for years now, as everywhere from Africa to Asia people are getting in on the act of gaming on the go. This has not come about by accident, with both games developers and hardware manufacturers doing everything possible to ensure that a phone or tablet is all someone needs to have an A-grade gaming experience. These tech innovations have been backed up by the likes of comparison sites and bundle sites, which have done everything in their power to ensure that players are made aware of the best sign-up offers as well as which providers rank well among certain gaming communities, be they the online casino crowd or the battle royale fans.

Here we take a look at the new tech that is set to launch in 2022 and beyond, which has the power to take mobile gaming to the next level so that consoles and PCs are turned into nothing but distant memories and resigned to the tech scrap heap.

Mobile gaming

VR and mobile tech have been collaborating to great effect for a while now but it seems like games developers have only been getting started when it comes to what’s possible

VR Compatibility Only Set to Grow

VR tech was once only available to those folks with powerful PCs and enough room around their gaming setup for flailing hands and feet. All that has changed in recent years, as many top-of-the-range VR headsets can now have mobile phones snapped into them, with their games available in fully immersive virtual reality.  

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This now means that almost anyone can gain access to this altogether new genre of games, via devices like the BlitzWolf BW-VR3, which works particularly well with iPhones, and the Stealth VR200, which is an excellent option for Android owners.

The future of VR mobile gaming looks bright, with Meta due to release their Project Cambria headset and Apple following suit with their Mixed Reality Headset, although the latter may be some time in coming.

Mobile Controllers

It used to be the case that mobile gamers had to put up with their trigger button being a volume button that was not specifically designed for the purpose, and some users even had to use inconsistent touch screen buttons whilst gaming, accidentally opening up their chat and video messenger apps in the process. This led to a huge amount of frustration, as PC and console players ridiculed them.

All that changed when mobile controllers were invented. These can be snapped onto the phone’s casing or attached via one of the phone’s ports. New versions of these that players will be taking advantage of in 2022 include the Razer Raiju and the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro, with the latter being a beautiful retro controller that fans of yesteryear’s games will adore.

Spare Battery Power

There is nothing worse than running out of battery when you are in the midst of a tense gaming situation, but the problem is that many top games are real energy suckers that demand huge amounts of power, especially when they are played for hours on end.

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That is where mobile power banks can be so handy. The issue with past iterations of the power bank was that they were bigger than the phone device itself, meaning serious mobile gamers had to walk around with a ton of annoying weight on their person. Thankfully there are now super lightweight power banks like the Charmast Power Bank 10,000mAh, which carries a serious punch and fits easily in the palm of your hand.

Mobile battery charging

Running out of charge can be a major downer for any mobile gamer in the middle of a crucial battle or level, and mobile power banks can prevent that from ever happening

Specialist Phones

The other trend that looks set to continue in 2022 is that of gaming-specific phones being released, both by big mainstream manufacturers and those that specialize more in the gaming realm. One of the devices already making waves is the Nubia Red Magic 5G.

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