Top 10 Video Chat Apps for Android Mobile

Have you ever felt annoyed because the chat app which you wanted to download doesn’t fit your Android device?

While there are tons of video chat apps available, not all of them support android. There are specific live video chat applications that fit the perfect Android devices. Hence to help you discover the right ones, this blog will be your guide. All the tools listed are perfect to use with Android devices and don’t cause any mishaps or poor performance.

The top 10 video calling apps to get started within 2021 are listed in the next category.

Top 10 Video Chat Apps – ‘Android Edition’

1. Facebook Messenger

top chat app messenger


Facebook Messenger is a convenient way to message anyone on Facebook. Once installed from the Google Play store, this tool can be used instantly. Apart from being a chat platform, Facebook Messenger also provides an audio calling option as well as a video call using a live video call app.

Facebook messenger has no additional costs and doesn’t require any extra setups to take place. The video quality of Facebook messenger is great and group calls can be done instantly. This is absolutely the top 1 chat app at this time.

Cost: Free

Gartner Ratings: 4.5/5

2. Discord

top chat app _ discord

Discord is another great video chat platform that is best suited for millennials or youngsters of today. It can be considered as an alternative for virtual meetings.

For instance, you can conduct a drawing session with your peers via screen sharing. It will never feel that all of you’ll be in different places.

For those who prefer a more private setup, Discord provides the opportunity to create private channels for only restricted members in a group.

When it comes to playing games or conducting group activities, Discord is the most preferred tool.

Cost: Free (also includes in-app purchases)

Trustradius Ratings: 9.1/10

3. Google Duo


Google Duo is another video chat solution that is growing in popularity.

It is a simple video calling tool that offers dedicated features to do the same. The app is made convenient so that any beginners can get started with it instantly. For instance, before engaging with anyone, you have the option to choose between an audio or video call.

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The video quality is great and with the settings provided, any user can customize its video calls based on their needs such as tweaking the video quality based on the data limit and more.

Cost: Free

GooglePlay Ratings: 4.4/5

4. JusTalk

chat app JusTalk

If you love Google Duo, you will also like JusTalk.

JusTalk is another great video chat solution. It is a simple application that users can make use of to conduct multiple video sessions.

The app is easy to download and the best part is you can draw doodle images while engaging with the other person. You even have the option to change the themes and personalize your calls accordingly. To avail more of this feature, in-app purchases come into the picture.

Cost: Free ( also includes in-app purchases)

GooglePlay Ratings: 4.2.5

5. Kik

kik chat app

Kik can be considered as another alternative for popular chat platforms such as Whatsapp and more. It provides chat and video services and doesn’t require a number to get started with it.

You can easily download the app, create a standard user name and you’re in. However, Kik is a basic app that you can use to just chat or conduct video sessions. If you wish to do more than this, you need to explore other video chatting apps.

Cost: Free

Ratings: Nil

6. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is another great chat app that functions just like Whatsapp. It provides a chat option, video and audio calling, group video sessions, and more. However what makes Signal very unique from its competitors is that when it comes to security, Signal is the perfect tool that adapts it.

It uses end-to-end encryption which means even if you’re engaging with a user on a personal basis, you can be assured that your engagements are securely conducted. Signal is free and available on Google’s Play store.

Cost: Free

G2 Ratings: 4.4/5

7. Skype

Skype chat app

When it comes to conducting video chat sessions with multiple users, Skype is the tool that comes to mind. Skype has been in the video chat business for a long time which is why it is a well-established brand name today.

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In order to meet the current trends in video chat, Skype has improved its feature list. For instance, it offers a lock-in feature where a user can lock their events temporarily so that no unrelated viewing or interruptions can interfere.

Skype can be accessed on your mobile phones as well as on your browser without the need for any installations. All you need to do is sign in and you can get started with the tool.

Skype is still growing popular because even when your internet connection is slow, the tool doesn’t give up on you.

Cost: Free (also includes in-app purchases)

G2 Ratings: 4.3/5

8. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger is a popular name as it was used previously as a platform for audio calls. Now, the app has turned into a complete engagement tool. From chatting to video calls to group calls, Viber has become an efficient communication tool.

It even lets you personalize your engagement sessions such as with stickers and other items. In order to personalize your engagements better, the in-app purchases option comes into the picture.

Cost: Free ( also includes in-app purchases)

Capterra Ratings: 4.3/5

9. WhatsApp


Whatsapp has and is still being considered as a great communication platform. It started as a simple messenger platform and has now improved to become a great video chat platform. The video quality of Whatsapp is great and the image doesn’t appear blurry.

Whatsapp also provides end-to-end encryption hence ensuring any engagements taking place are always secured. In between your video sessions, you also have the option to conduct other actions such as sending or viewing attachments and more.

Whatsapp has been a simple tool when it comes to offering meaningful engagement via its platform. If your needs match what WhatsApp offers, this proves to be the ideal tool for you.

Cost: Free

Capterra Ratings: 4.7/5

10. Carrier and OME video chatting

Carrier and OME video chatting


Did you know that smartphones today allow you to video call instantly with another user having the same carrier as yours?

At first, this thought was a bit doubtful, but when a few users started to make use of it, they were impressed by it. The video quality is good and there’s no need to install any apps, they could just instantly connect with the other user.

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Such types of features are being made available in almost all smartphones of today. If you have the same carrier as the user you’re contacting, this feature is immediately available.

Cost: Free

Ratings: Nil

While these are the Android suitable video chat app, these tools can be used to engage with your closed ones anytime, anywhere. However, from the business front, there are certain video chat apps that you can make use of from the list above. We have categorized it in our last section

Looking for the ideal video call app for your business? Here are a few to help you get started

chat app

Top chat apps

Which Video Calling App Is Perfect For Businesses in 2021?

When it comes to the business front, we believe there are few video calling tools that you can make use of.

Tools like Skype are great to get started with, especially to conduct virtual meetings. Since Skype can conduct meetings with multiple users, this tool can be perfect for business engagement.

If businesses are engaging with leads it is understood that exchanging of confidential information will also take place. Thus, in such cases making use of Signal would be a better choice as it provides end-to-end encryption for any engagements.

Google Duo is another great tool to engage better from the business front as it is simple to get started with. Since the platform is straightforward and provides exceptional video quality, brands can use this tool to conduct seamless video engagements.

Apart from these tools, if you wish to create your video chat solutions, there are reliable communication API providers that can help you.


Video calling apps are the new means of communication. In a time where everyone is living indoors, businesses need to find an efficient solution to cater to their leads well. With face-to-face meetings not currently happening, virtual setups are the primary solution to tackle the lack of engagement issues.

Video chat is here to stay and will continue to be a priority mode of engagement for businesses to connect with anyone including their leads. Now that you have the list of the top video chat apps, which tool are you eyeing first?

Is there any video chat tool that caught your attention? Comment below to transfer your knowledge.

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