Verify Your AdSense without PIN

You must have been frustrated and exhausted waiting for a Google PIN, and it has also reached 30 days since you sent the last PIN request. Don’t worry, in this article, you’ll get a detailed Step-by-step Guideline on how to Verify Your AdSense without a PIN.

For those who have been waiting for a Google PIN and have yet to receive one, here is the link you can use to verify your AdSense without a PIN.

1. Make sure you are logged in on a browser

2. Paste the following URL in the address bar:

3. Fill your name as it appears on the account (in English)

4. Fill in your publisher ID (If you don’t remember, just go to the section “Account” after logging in to your AdSense Account:

5. Upload your well-snapped or scanned valid ID

After submitting that form, you’ll receive an auto-reply email notifying you that Google is considering your information. Normally, it takes them around 30m to accept your request if the information you filled in is correct and valid.


Hope that this article is useful for you ))

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