What Can You Do with Linux VPS Hosting (besides hosting websites)?

The most popular use of hosting is to host a private or corporate website. However, this is not the only possibility of using virtual private hosting with the Linux operating system. There are equally effective ways to use this tool for personal or commercial purposes. We will tell you how to use your Ubuntu Virtual Private Server with maximum benefit.

Linux VPS Hosting

How can a VPS serve me?

Third-party plugins or modules allow you to change the purpose of web hosting, to make it not just a platform for hosting a website, but a mechanism for solving other tasks. You can install them yourself if you have administrative rights. You can also send a corresponding request to the provider’s technical support service if the administration functions are assigned to its specialists. Linux repositories have a huge number of free and paid software packages for any needs. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find the right software or application. And the specific choice depends on the purpose for which you will continue to rent a Linux VPS:

  • to collaborate on files;
  • for video communication and remote conferences; 
  • as streaming media;
  • for project management;
  • to host, launch and manage a social network;
  • as a tool for testing new server software; 
  • to increase the protection of the main server.

Let’s look at what capabilities Linux VPS has to implement each task, and what needs to be done for this.  

Collaboration on files

Most of us are already familiar with various tools designed for collaboration in electronic documents and spreadsheets. Such applications allow you to create an effective team of talented specialists who not only work remotely but even live in different cities and countries. 

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However, often these programs are not able to ensure data confidentiality. It is much safer to install a private custom editor that opens access to files through a password or other verification method. Modern programs are designed to work in different formats – creating text documents, filling out tables, planning, accounting activities, working with videos, audio files. Your Linux VPS will erase the distances between users so that the result of teamwork is as successful as possible.  

Video conferences

Modern users are well aware of the Zoom application used for video conferencing. But there are more reliable and secure programs that can be downloaded to a virtual private server for online meetings. Effective software provides the following features – video communication, screen sharing, and conference recording. 

Modern applications guarantee security, and communication via a virtual private server minimizes the risk of hacker attacks, unauthorized connection, and disconnection due to technical failures. In addition, your own hosting with software installed on it opens up the opportunity to choose the optimal configuration option. You decide the format of the video conference yourself.  

Video streaming 

If you often stream media live but don’t want to depend on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, use a VPS for video streaming. Users will appreciate the complete freedom of activity without restrictions imposed on their subscribers by popular platforms.  

For example, Red5 is a powerful flash memory–based application that is often downloaded for streaming video and audio files using a dedicated server. By the way, the capabilities of Linux VPS can be used not only for audio and video transmission. You can also install software that will allow you to pre-process files. 

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Project management

Are you planning a major project, for the implementation of which you intend to attract a large number of specialists? Use hosting as a project management tool.  You will be able to remotely monitor online, at any time of the day or night, the progress of the project stages, and the participation, and role of all involved people in it. Keep track of deadlines, and the status of tasks. Make graphs and charts. 

Among the popular Kanban boards should be called Taiga.io and Kanboard (FOSS app). They are highly appreciated for their user-friendly interface and impressive functionality that allows you to use applications for projects of different purposes and scales. 

Install the software on a Linux VPS server for maximum confidentiality of the project and its implementation. The application will only need PHP to work. Install it in advance together with cPanel. 


If you can use a virtual private server for internal corporate communication, then why not use it for customer interaction (CRM)? Your VPS hosting will allow you to solve the following tasks: 

  • create a portrait of the target audience according to the sales funnel;
  • establish feedback with customers to inform them about new products, promotions, and discounts;
  • organize the work of the customer support center, including solving technical problems. 

If you are a small and medium-sized business owner, be sure to try a CRM server to optimize workflows. 

Social network

The leakage of personal data and often unjustified censorship in popular social networks forces people to look for more reliable and control-free platforms. Demand creates supply. Create your own social network for friends, acquaintances, using Linux VPS for this. A small community of like-minded people will appreciate the opportunity to communicate, exchange information in a narrow circle.    

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Testing server software

Many large corporations whose databases are hosted on virtual private or dedicated servers cannot risk installing software updates without first testing them. But giving up new software is not the best solution either. You can always test packages for compatibility and security on a backup VPS server. Let your Linux become an intermediate system that will test the correctness of the interaction of existing programs and new products. After the test stage, confidently install the software on the production server without the risk of failures and downtime due to incompatibilities or errors.

Database security and server security improvement

A virtual private server can be used to back up databases from a production server. This way you can save the data and, if necessary, quickly restore the information. You can also use it to increase the security of hosting. Install the protection programs that you use on the production server on the Linux VPS, and then attack it. Feel free to use different penetration tools to make sure that the installed configurations are reliable. Perform a stress test to evaluate the server throughput. Do not forget to warn your provider that you intend to carry out these works in order not to violate the user agreement. The test results will show whether the main server is reliably protected from unauthorized intrusion and hacker attacks


Now you can see how a Linux server can be used. It can be much more than just a platform for hosting a website. Take a little time to study its capabilities so that the application is effective and relevant, and the return is maximum. If you have any questions during the research of the tools, you can always ask them to the provider’s support service specialists. 

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