What Does a LAN Support Specialist Do?

LAN Support Specialist – Job Description, Responsibilities, and Salary

Job Description of LAN Support Specialist

LAN Support Specialists, also known as computer network support specialists, are responsible for monitoring the local area network (LAN). They generally take additional responsibility for the organization’s WAN network, a broad network, and a web interface. LAN experts work to maintain the organization’s local area network infrastructure; Its functions include support for firewalls, routers, equipment conversion, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, known as IDS and IPS respectively.

Support specialists are responsible for recording planned hardware and software updates on the organization’s LAN. They maintain an open network connection that models how applications work on a network. LAN experts work with network monitoring tools such as OpenView, Cisco Works, and others to solve any technical problems in the area network.

Data security is a major concern in networks, and LAN support experts work to reduce any network security intrusions that can damage the network and the data it damages. Experts work with detection and prevention tools and tools to avoid network compromises or security breaches that can result from cyberattacks. Support experts analyze the local area network for data bottles, as well as latency issues in data transfer. They implement solutions by updating or updating hardware and software applications. LAN Support Specialists are also responsible for maintaining confidentiality issues by ensuring that HIPAA compliance is met and adhered to.

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Education required

Although LAN support professionals employ a university degree, many employers need a degree. Common areas of study include computer science, engineering, and computer science. In addition, they may need certifications, such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or Security + CE (further education).

Skills required

LAN support professionals must have expert knowledge of networks because they are responsible for installing the necessary equipment and updating local area network software, as well as for installing, configuring, and maintaining firewalls, system routers, and cables. . Security and confidentiality are essential to network operation, the LAN expert is well known for using security devices in a system aimed at preventing looge to determine the possibility of external networks.

Confidential user confidentiality and the way data is transmitted, used and disseminated require experts to have a strong knowledge of HIPAA regulations to ensure network compliance. Because networks can be adversely affected by delays and challenges, support professionals must have strong analytical skills to evaluate the network, identify these problems, and apply solutions.

Appearance of work and wages

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the professional perception of computer network support professionals will be 6 percent. The BLS notes that this chart reflects average growth between 2019-2029 compared to other positions. The average annual salary reported by the BLS in 2019 for computer network support specialists was $ 63,460.

LAN Certification and Preview of The Certification Program

Information required

LAN certification programs teach the basics of computer hardware and software, networking, and computer repair. Students receiving LAN training will also learn about server installation, Internet protocols, network administration, and computer communication. Certification programs on a LAN typically take less than a year to complete, after which graduates can choose to earn a professional certification from a private or network programming service. These tests give credit to job seekers.

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Students who have an interest in math and computer science and have a GED or high school degree must have sufficient academic ability before enrolling in a certificate program.

Employment forecast and salary information

In May 2019, the BLS found that the average annual salary for computer network support specialists was $ 63,460. The average salary of network and computer system administrators during the year was $ 83,510.

Certificate of Technical and Continuing Education Information

A professional LAN certificate is available from private companies such as CISCO. The degree requires students to take technical courses and pass a standardized exam. The LAN certificate is valid for three years, during which time specialists must pass the qualification test again. Those who are looking for advanced work in computer and information technology can consider a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering or a similar field.

LAN certification programs provide students with practical knowledge and skills to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of computer network systems. Students graduating from the LAN training program may gain technical qualifications or take additional courses to improve their career opportunities.

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