5 Things to Do for Your Mom on Mother’s Day in 2021

Mother’s Day is an occasion to celebrate and honor Mothers around the world. Therefore, things to do on this day are a big concern for most kids. Mother’s Day has no fixed date. In general, in many countries around the world, it is customary to have the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day, and some other countries may have their own choices.

Also for a long time, on Mother’s Day, children around the world often express their love for their mother through good wishes and meaningful gifts. Many people spend a day with their mothers, cooking delicious dishes or giving flowers, cards, or their favorite stuff, wishing them to be happy.

Mother’s Day Origin

This holiday has its origins in the ancient Greek and Roman periods. Mothers’ gratitude festival is held annually in the spring and the Greeks at that time often made offerings to the goddesses, especially the god Rhea – Mother of many gods in Greek mythology.

Besides, it is said that Mother’s Day origin first appeared in England around 1600. This day is celebrated every year, 40 days before Easter to pay tribute to the mother. On Mother’s Day, it is often the custom for children to give flowers or fruit cakes to their beloved mothers. However, this custom gradually fell into oblivion in the nineteenth century.

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In America, on May 8, 1914, the President of the United States signed a decision that defines the second Sunday of May every year as Mother’s Day. Up to now, Mother’s Day has spread to 65 countries and is solemnly celebrated in May every year.

Below are 5 ideal activities to do on Mother’s Day in 2021 to make your beloved mom happy:

5 Things to Do on Mother’s Day in 2021

Do household chores

1. First thing to do – Household chores

Surely, your mother will be the happiest person! Asked or not, you should automatically do housework without prompting. Simply sweep the house, clean furniture, or wash the dishes.

Especially after a long day that your mom works hard and you help her do all the household chores, her mood will be certainly much better.

You don’t have to show your mother what you’ve done, she’ll definitely notice what you want to do for her.

Girl and her mixed race parents dining in their kitchen

2. Prepare a delicious meal

Have you ever asked the question: “What does your mom want to eat today?”. I am pretty sure the answer is rarely for almost people. On Mother’s Day, try asking this question and cook it yourself.

You don’t have to cook something too fussy, maybe just a simple meal. It is not that you have cooked a delicious meal, but that you take the time to help her. Mom can sit in the kitchen talking with you, or help pick up vegetables. This way, you and your mother spend more time together.

You can surprise your mother by not asking in advance, but you have a well-balanced, nutritious table ready at noon or evening.

Spend time with mom

3. Spend time with mom

It is not necessary to spend all day with your mother doing nothing. You can just talk, cook, eat, go on a picnic with her for a morning or a few hours to make her happy.

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If you are a busy person, choose the weekends to spend with and make your mom happy. Don’t make her feel like you need work or others other than her.

Take care of your siblings

4. Take care of your siblings

If you want your mother to be happy, one of the best things you can do is to get on well with your siblings.

In addition, siblings often spend more time together than parents. While many people don’t think so, one of the longest-lasting relationships you will ever have is with your siblings. Therefore, you should take the time and effort to become closer to them from now on.

In particular, if you are an older sibling, take responsibility for taking care of your brother so that your parents have less worry. Also, you can suggest your siblings make a delicious meal together for your mom as per our recommended activity no 2.

Praise and show love to your mom

5. Praise and show love

Another thing to do is give her the most sincere compliments, sayings that you love her so much and that you are very grateful to her. She will be very happy because you really respect her and value her as a filial son.

In addition, a hug or any gesture of love can move a mother’s heart and soul. You may feel all this silly, but then you will realize how important it is to let your mom know how much you love her.

Love mom


One way to make your mother happy as well is to feel truly happy yourself, whether it be for your great lover, a successful career, or anything else. The wish of the person who gave birth to you is nothing more than to see you truly happy in life.

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