Buying Kitchen Countertops| 8 Mistakes You Should Avoid

No doubt, kitchen countertops are the focal point of your kitchen. It is natural to be extra selective in terms of countertops. Also, you want the perfect color, pattern, thickness, and material. All these aspects help you upgrade your place. Similarly, these factors add value to your home. But, it can be tricky to buy kitchen countertops

Moreover, most people make some common mistakes while making a purchase. First of all, many people focus on the visuals rather than the quality. So, remember that the quality of the stone is of great importance. Not only this, you can make other blunders too. So, consider some factors to make the best choice. 

If you are looking for a new kitchen counter, do not rush the process. In this post, we will discuss some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Not considering your lifestyle
  2. Choosing the wrong thickness
  3. Avoiding the seams
  4. Choosing the wrong color
  5. Focusing on design over quality
  6. A top-mounted sink
  7. Picking the wrong material
  8. Not making a budget

1- Not considering your lifestyle:

It is not okay to overlook your lifestyle. Most people make a rash decision and regret it later. So, choose the kitchen counter that suits your way of living. If you have a busy kitchen and you work too, opt for the one that is easy to clean. 

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Moreover, if you have kids at home, go for a safe and sound option. Also, if you serve guests on the kitchen counter, go for a stylish yet durable option. By keeping these things in mind, you can avoid a big mistake. 

2- Choosing the wrong thickness:

Well, it is better to pick the right thickness for countertops. But, many people stress over thicker slabs. To make this clear, you should know that every kitchen does not require a thicker slab. In this case, always consult the fabricator. He will tell you about the best thickness you need. Also, the thickness of the material is vital. So, take advice from your fabricator.

3- Avoiding the seams:

Many counters and slabs have natural seams on their top. Some pieces come with seams in raw form. The engineers then make them smooth and uniform. But, when you go to buy kitchen countertopslook for visible seams on the top. If there are any, do not pick that slab. Most people tend to avoid this mistake but regret it later. So, it is better to get a slab with a uniform surface.

4- Choosing the wrong color:

Choose the color of your counter wisely. If you have a busy kitchen, avoid light colors. In that case, go for a darker top surface. it will not show the stains. Also, for kids who might paint on the counter, go for dark color patterns. But, with guests over, go for a stylish kitchen countertop. Also, avoid colors with a high risk of discoloration. 

5- Focusing on design over quality:

Well, who does not want a good-looking kitchen counter? But, it is not wise to focus only on appearance. A kitchen counter must be durable for the long run. So, valuing looks rather than their quality is a big mistake. So, always prefer quality over visuals. Also, look for heat- and stain-resistant kitchen counters. So, avoid this error if you wish to buy a reliable kitchen countertop

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6- A top-mounted sink:

Most people select an under-mount sink top. But, some go out of their way to make it stylish. They go for a top-mounted sink. Well, that is a stupid decision. The reason is that a sink with visible edges needs more care than an under-mount sink. Also, dirt and oil can get into the gaps. So, it is better not to opt for a top mount sink. 

7- Picking the wrong material:

The performance of your kitchen counter depends on its material. That is why it is vital to choose the best stone. Consider your style and budget for this. Every counter material has its highs and lows. So, pick the one that suits your kitchen perfectly. Also, the right material will last longer. 

8- Not making a budget:

A kitchen countertop can lift your budget in no time. So, do not overlook your budget. Make your budget before anything else. Also, you can visit the shops to asking an estimate and you can also search granite countertops cost online. The cost varies in terms of counter materials. That is why focus on all of the details to ensure their price.


Well, it is vital to choose the best kitchen counter. Avoid these mistakes if you want to buy kitchen countertops. Do not let your money go to waste by choosing the wrong thickness and color. Also, look out for visual seams as they may spoil the outlook of your place. Go to badger granite to get the best variety and deals on kitchen countertops. Hopefully, this post will help you avoid these common errors. 

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