What You Can Do with an Early Childhood Education Degree

If you have a love for kids, you may have a future career path in early childhood education. This dynamic and rewarding field of study provides you with countless job opportunities. Here are just a few of the paths that you can pursue with a degree in early childhood education.

What is Early Childhood Education?

Before you decide to pursue this career track, you need to understand the specifics of early childhood education. This time of childhood learning and development takes place between birth and the age of eight.

The education is designed to help young children meet specified benchmarks of learning that prepare them for future schooling. A bachelor’s degree in early childhood education from a good place like EducationDegree.com will open up a wealth of opportunities for you.

Early Childhood Education Degree

What You Can Do with an Early Childhood Education Degree

Preschool Teacher

One of the most common careers for an early childhood education degree holder is a preschool teacher. It’s one of the roles you’d play when you’re involved with childcare in point cook. This formative age provides a great opportunity for you to use your skills and knowledge in this field. In addition to basic academic skills, preschool teachers must also teach social and emotional learning. A preschool teaching career is an ideal entry-level position when you are just getting started in the field. The shorter hours compared to elementary education also make it a good choice for those looking for part-time work.

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Early Elementary Teacher

Those with an early childhood education degree may also consider being an elementary school teacher at the early grade levels. This includes kindergarten through second grade. Elementary school teachers generally enjoy solid benefits as well as extended time off during the summer months. This makes it a good career choice for parents juggling the demands of raising a family.


If you prefer developing a strong connection with just one child or family, you may want to look into becoming a private nanny. Depending on the family’s needs, you may be asked to live in the home or simply commute during your work hours. The area that you live in will dictate how much you can earn in this position with a high cost of living regions paying the most. Nannies are responsible for a wide breadth of duties, including planning activities, ensuring good nutrition, communicating with parents, and educating the child on a myriad of topics.

Family Support Specialist

Family support specialists are a bridge between the parents and various medical and community services. This job can take on a variety of duties, such as working as a social care caseworker, a coordinator at a head start program, a municipal childhood education center administrator, and more. These specialists offer support and resources to families for a bevy of needs, including finding housing, transportation, and childcare. These specialists often work with low-income families or others needing special assistance with their children.

These career options are just a few of the ways that you can use your degree in early childhood education. With so many options, it is easy to find the niche that fits your passion and interests.

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