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About Myciti


Myciti is a privately owned bus rapid transport service operating in the city of Cape Town in South Africa. It is owned by GERMA International, a company with its main headquarters in Cape Town. The company was established in 1985. It is a privately owned bus service for the then newly independent states of Apartheid South Africa and Mozambique. The company was successful in building a network of buses in both countries. Today, it is South Africa’s busiest bus service.

Traveling on a Myciti Route

Traveling on a Myciti route, a Myciti tour operator would charter a number of coaches for trips between different destinations. A typical journey could take anywhere from four to six hours. This depends on how far you are going and what time of day you leave your destination. One of the great benefits of Myciti is the convenience provided by being able to travel in style and comfort. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a Myciti journey offers an efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective way to get around. The luxury coaches offered by Myciti, for example, have large beds with en-suite facilities, air conditioning (often including swimwear), DVD players, Internet connections, and plenty of cupboard room for your personal belongings.

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The Benefits from Private Transport

Most of the major cities in South Africa, including Cape Town, have an array of public and private transport services. Most of these buses go through the city center. However, some, such as the 15km express bus route, go along the seashore. Other buses go further afield, connecting cities on their way to other parts of the country. As many people now recognize the benefits provided by private transport, it is not only cheaper but also more convenient to use Myciti to take advantage of these better public transport systems.

Myciti Provides Both Private Hire And Bus Service

When traveling from the city center to Mombasa or the coastal areas around Cape Town, your first point of contact should be a Myciti bus service. Myciti is a company that provides both private hire and bus service for clients across the world. The company is famous for providing extremely professional drivers, friendly services, and comfortable vehicles. If you want to book your transportation, you can either choose to make your reservations online or over the phone. Either way, it will provide a personalized service. It is rare that you will find any issues or problems with your transport.

Amazing Features of Myciti’s Bus Service

Myciti bus
Myciti Bus

Fast and convenient experience

If you are traveling from the rural area to the city center, you will find that the bus service provided by Myciti is faster and more convenient than most buses. The buses arrive at your destination regularly, and the buses are clean and well maintained. The drivers are very knowledgeable and friendly, and the interior design is conducive to making a comfortable journey. Traveling from the rural area to the central station in Cape Town is also a convenient way to reach your accommodation.

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Having many different routes to accommodate clients’ varying needs.

For example, the number of Myciti buses that travel to the central business district (CBD) and Robben Island can be counted in the hundreds. Robben Island is one of the most inaccessible places in the country and is only accessible by road. Buses in its services travel to and from Robben Island. There are several routes that link other destinations including Cape Town International Airport and the city center. The various Myciti bus routes have many different routes to accommodate clients’ varying needs.

Offering shuttle and taxi services Island and city center

Another great thing about Myciti bus services is that they offer shuttle and taxi services from Robben Island to other destinations throughout the city center and beyond. Travelers who are unable to board one of the regular buses may also be able to find a more affordable taxi and car hire options through the company. Alternatively, if you want to experience a more relaxing journey, you can always look into one of the many Myciti coach hire services. That will provide you with a comfortable couch.

If you’re interested in exploring the city of Cape Town and would like to make your journey more convenient, then you’ll definitely want to investigate the benefits that its buses can provide. Getting around the city center faster, saving time and allowing you to reach more destinations quicker is completely posible. You won’t need to worry about navigating the crowded roads or finding an alternative route when you’re traveling with its buses, either. You can easily reach your destination on time, every time.

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Other Related Sources

other related sources
Other related sources

MyCiTi – Wikipedia

MyCiti is a bus rapid transit service with feeders, which forms part of a greater Integrated Public Transport driven economic development strategy of the City of Cape Town Municipality (CoCT) in South Africa. The service is being rolled out across the Cape Metropole. And it provides a significantly enhanced public transport system in about 10% of the City. The service commenced in 2010 with Phase 1, which features buses running north to south along the west coastline of the City.


MYCITI Bus (@MyCiTiBus) · Twitter

Did you know that you can access Cape Town International Airport from anywhere on the MyCiTi network? Catch the bus to Civic Centre and change to the A01 route, which conveniently stops right outside the Airport terminal building…


MyCiTi | Cape Town Integrated Rapid Transit (IRT) system

Residents of Pioneer Valley can now easily connect with My Ci Ti services from the new Hawking stop on Discovery Drive. Buses will travel through Parklands and on to Table View, where passengers can change to a number of routes serving other My CiTi destinations.


MyCiTi Bus – Home | Facebook

MyCiTi is the bus-based public transport system that has a network of routes constantly expanding across the City of Cape Town.


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