Measure Your Website’s Performance with Subiz

What is Subiz?

Subiz is an intelligent sales strategy to assist users to capture and bring visitors and acquire leads with the help of simple, yet powerful processes. Users can easily generate leads by automating the various functionalities of the website and welcoming their visitors by greeting them with attractive, animated welcome messages and collecting their data. In the process of doing so, users are able to identify the interest areas in their niche. They can also provide useful information on the products and services that they have to offer to interested visitors.

Why Should We Use Subiz?

To engage visitors to your website, it is essential to offer them products that can be used in their daily lives. This is to make them feel good about being a part of your business. You can do this by including useful content on the website. In order to make your content interesting, you can hire an expert submitter from Subiz who can provide relevant information in different formats. He can easily customize the content to ensure that your website visitors always feel engaged.

Subiz Implementation Functions

Increase real-time chat with visitors

Another way to engage your website visitors is by employing real-time chat with them. This can be done using several interactive Subiz features. You can display live chat options on your website, where you can get to interact with your Subiz customers while they are answering some questions regarding your product or service. In this real-time chat option, you can use voice recording technology. Customers can record their queries using their voice and send them to you through chat. You can use the recorded queries and actively communicate with your Subiz customers.

Subiz Process
Subiz Process

Monitor the number of visitors

You can monitor how many visitors are joining your Subiz chat. Using the web form builder feature in Subiz, you can upload your existing chat history to the website. Visitors will be able to see all of the recorded messages, which you can later delete or make private. Similarly, if you wish to monitor the behavior of your existing customers while interacting with other members, you can use your customized chat history section. You can also view your chat history in real-time so that you can make changes as required.

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Boost online presence

Apart from the web form builder and chat history section, you can also use a number of other Subiz triggers to boost your online presence. The first such trigger is the “Subiz” trigger, which automatically adds a new chat id to the chat list. You can also use the “show notifications” and “paste from clipboard” triggers to update your website feed with new information and posts, respectively. You can create multiple triggers and assign different priorities to them. These multiple triggers will update your site in real-time, without you having to manually edit the content of your website or write new code.

For instance, you can create and activate a Subiz “add to cart” live chat trigger when a customer places an order on your website. This “add to cart” live chat trigger will update the website immediately, with the updated details, as soon as the customer confirms the order. If you are providing live help, this information can help quickly and efficiently give your customer service representatives valuable real-time information about the status of an order, so that they can quickly respond to customer queries. Therefore, by using a pre-defined and pre-activated Subiz trigger, you can ensure that your website is always up-to-date with the latest information, for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Types of Subiz Triggers

There are many more advanced Subiz triggers available, which provide you with a great deal of additional functionality. For example, you can use these triggers to receive detailed reports about how many visitors are arriving at your site, how many pages they view, how long they spend on your website, their location, and other useful data. In addition, you can use these triggers to determine which links on your website have been clicked, which images have been downloaded, and how many sales have actually been made.

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You can even get detailed analytics reports about the IP addresses and other identifying information associated with each visitor, to enable you to build up a full picture of who your customers are. In other words, the number of live chats that you have on your website, the number of unique visitors, and the number of pages they view all serve as metrics for analyzing your site’s performance. By combining these advanced Subiz features with a carefully monitored and optimized navigation system, you can ensure that your website always functions optimally.

What Makes Subiz Different from Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is not the only solution available to you when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. A large number of web publishers are now employing proprietary systems which, among other things, provide advanced reporting functionality to track visitor behavior and sales, and so measure the success of campaigns in much the same way as Google Analytics. Google’s free service, on the other hand, has limited reporting and granular analysis capabilities and is often fraught with tracking errors. Moreover, there are many other open-source Subiz plugins available for the use of internet marketers who wish to build highly customizable, real-time messaging systems for their websites, such as AdSense chat or AdWords chat. Many of these plugins integrate Google Analytics and other major data sources, making it easier to build a custom solution that maximizes the potential of your Subiz solutions.

Other Related Sources

Related sources

1. What is Subiz Live Chat?

Subiz offers an excellent customer-communication solution to solve a wide set of customer pain points.
By chatting directly with visitors, it helps business users provide direct assistance and receive feedback in real-time. All of these customer-interactions run through a chat widget integrated into any website, while visitors are browsing the web page.
Subiz combines all of the most powerful, yet simplest features into a Live Chat solution in order to improve customer service.

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2. Subiz Pricing, Features, Reviews and Alternatives

Subiz is created as a customizable chat box integrated on your website where you can communicate directly with visitors.

The software also helps you to increase operational management by requesting instant feedback from customers and storing complete conversation transcript in at secure servers.


3. Subiz Review

The product’s features are easy to implement and use. Your sales and customer support agents can use the dashboard to see who is visiting your website and what they do. Then, your agents can start the live support and chat with visitors. You can fully customize the text, themes, and colors of the app to match your website and brand image.


4. Subiz Company Info

SSubiz is one of the most optimal chat software available today. Support a lot of functions for your website such as: Attracting and automatically welcoming customers, supporting customers quickly, automatically distributing conversations to the right consultants and professional interactions with SMS templates are available,… After collecting customer data from multiple channels, Subiz will evaluate and classify customers automatically. Sorted according to the requirements as well as the business model of the business. With Subiz’s outstanding advantages, the software has and currently has more than 20,000 customers from big companies such as Vingroup, Mazda, PNJ, ..


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