5 Creative Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Social media has quite frankly become one of the most used media channels in recent times, and with that, video marketing has become the next big thing. Until a few years ago, video content was yet to be considered by the world. Right now, it is huge on all platforms. Seeing this, businesses have also not left any stone unturned in capitalizing on it. 

Nevertheless, even with an easy-to-use online video editor, video production is neither a simple task nor budget-friendly. This is why any small or medium-sized business is always hesitant about implementing such strategies in its marketing campaigns. That being said, with the right assistance and tips, you can easily get the best returns on investment.

Before you dive into ways to maximize your profits, you need to understand a few fundamental things. For one, you need to know that with the duration of videos becoming lesser and lesser every day, the attention span of users has also taken a dip. So you should always indulge in a crisp and short video.

In addition to that, there are quite a few other intricacies that you need to keep in mind before planning your video marketing strategies. Here are five creative ways small businesses can make the most of such efforts.

video marketing
Video marketing tips

1. Change blog posts into videos

To stand out in this cutthroat industry and ensure that your target audience is getting all your content, you need to be regular with your videos. Coming up with new ideas almost every week can be quite hectic. Fortunately, you do not need to. If you have posted blog posts already, you can simply turn the text into video scripts. 

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You can use this recycled content to reach new customers. In addition to that, since you are using popular blog posts, you know the response will also be quite appropriate. By repurposing your blog posts into videos, you can also ensure that you are pulling your existing users to a media format they prefer more- video. Many online tools can help you with this. 

These apps use artificial intelligence and automate the video-making process, further cutting both effort and time. You can also customize your videos to go with your branding, making them capable enough to attract new audiences and introduce them to your products and services. 

2. Use videos on the landing page

Another tip that can promise your success in this community is posting videos on your landing page. While videos are already known to improve engagement and traffic on your website, surveys have shown they can improve conversion rates by up to 80%. 

When you incorporate videos on the landing page, customers can understand and view the message you are trying to portray with much less effort. This further makes your webpage easy to understand and better suited to increase visitors on it. You should ensure that the landing page videos are of high quality, have an interesting thumbnail, and are embedded in a standalone player like Vimeo or YouTube. 

Irrespective of if the video is about your company, products, or customer testimonials, it makes it easier for customers to absorb the information while also being entertained, in turn, increasing the chances of a purchase. 

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3. Utilize live video features

One of the more effective ways of communication often overlooked by small companies is live videos. Frankly, there is no better way to connect to your audience than speaking to them directly. Y

You can use social media applications like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook to connect and interact with your audience at any time of the day, improve engagement, and grow your business. While using live videos, one thing you should not miss out on is indulging in pre-planned Q&A sessions. 

You should always let your audience know beforehand when they can join and allow them to ask questions in real-time. This will improve not only customer engagement but also your brand’s credibility in the industry. Your customers will feel more welcome and like a part of your company. 

4. Makes teaser videos

As mentioned earlier, coming up with ideas for fresh video content every now and then can be quite a task. If you are planning on being regular, you have to post something to keep your customers engaged and intrigued. This is when shooting teaser videos can come in handy. 

By creating a little bit of excitement and mystery, you can have recurring customers and attract new ones trying to see what’s new with your company. The best time to shoot a teaser video is if you are launching a new product or a big event is coming up. 

Nevertheless, a teaser video should be short and crisp, preferably only 5-7 seconds, to be effective. You can also create a mini-contest around that teaser to improve engagement. 

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5. Record your computer screen

Many times companies have to teach an important part of it to their customers. Instead of wasting that session, you can simply screen record it for future purposes. For example, if you sell a hard-to-use product, instead of writing several blog posts about using it, you can simply teach one customer and record the tutorial for others.

Videos are not only better to understand but can also explain a lot more in a short period. It also helps keep things interesting. There are quite a few online screen recording applications you can use for this. They allow you to record high-quality videos while also being able to edit, add sound or text to the videos. 

In Conclusion

These are some of the most common and effective ways you can ensure that your video marketing strategies are effective in the market. Keeping these in mind will ensure you make the most of your efforts and investment. Rest assured, with the right steps, you can grow your business rampantly. 

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