Imaginative Ways To Use GIFs And Add Flair To Your Insta Stories


Want to grab the attention of your Instagram followers? Try using GIFs on your Insta Stories. GIFs are an incredibly easy way to highlight specific elements in your story and add some fun. If you were seeking ways to create more attention-grabbing content, the answer might be Insta Stories GIFs.

If you are unsure how to make a GIF from a video, you can use Instagram’s collaboration with GIPHY. Insta users already have access to a ready-made library of ingenious GIFs for Stories. You don’t need to worry about creating GIFs but choose the ones you wish to express yourself. However, it is also not that difficult to create GIFs from a video you’ve recently made and wish to share it with your Insta family. The choice is yours.

So, are you ready to find out the creative ways you can use GIFs to delight your Insta followers? All you need to do is select swirling, flashing, and blinking animations powered by GIPHY integrations and get started.

1. Pin GIFs to a specific location on your story and make them pop

If you think a surprise element is lacking in your Insta Stories, you can use GIFs and pin them to a particular location so they pop up at specific moments. It will make your story interesting and unique.

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For pinning your GIF, you need to tap and hold the screen until you see a little bar saying ‘pin’ at the bottom of your screen. Then, you need to find the subject of your video or picture where you wish to pin the GIF and scroll along the bar. When you find the place where you want to place it, hit ‘pin.’

2. Use GIFS in videos

Instagram GIFs not only accentuate still images and make them stand out, but they are great tools for making your videos attractive as well.

You might find it a bit complicated to insert a GIF in a video, especially when the camera is moving. However, Instagram is your friend, and they let their users choose the place and the time where the video will appear. All you need to do is continue pressing down and select the GIF you want.

3. Direct your followers’ attention using Instagram Stories GIFs

When you want to direct your viewer’s attention to specific elements in your Insta story, using GIFs can come in handy. For instance, search for GIFs with CTA keywords, such as link in bio, swipe-up, or sound on to let your target audience know what you expect them to do.

4. Use GIFs to complement your text

GIFs are easy to consume, and that’s why they’re so popular. They never annoy people, but these interactive and animated images offer pure entertainment to the viewers. Also, viewers don’t have to exert a lot of effort in seeing GIFs as they have to when reading a long text or message.

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However, you may still need to include text in your stories to keep your audience in touch with your news. By incorporating GIFs, you can take your text-based stories to the next level.

For example, you can add GIFs to highlight paragraphs or even substitute common words for GIFs.

5. Bring your content to life by sprinkling a bit of pizzazz

You might have incredible content prepared for your advertising and marketing campaign, such as brand logos, product images, promotional posts, etc. But you must not blindly post content and hope that your target audience will connect with it. It would help if you gave it a little razzmatazz so your audience cannot help but view your story and engage with it.

You can use Instagram GIFs to bring your stories alive. Whether you are posting pictures or videos, GIFs can truly make content appear extra special. From wonderful animations like sunglasses and snow overlays to reaction animations, the choices are endless. You’ll find GIFs for every situation and emotion.

Moreover, you can resize and rotate the GIFs according to your requirement.

6. Use GIFs for reactions

If you plan to run an Instagram Stories Q&A to interact with your target audience, you can plan to do something more than letting them answer the questions with text. While it is fine to answer with text, you can make it more fun and excite with GIFs.

Reaction GIFs range from color, stylish phrases to clips showcasing people with funny to weird expressions.

So, don’t let your Instagram Stories appear bland and lifeless anymore. Use GIFs to your advantage and watch your followers increase.

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