Unique Features Of Drake Tax Software Hosting

While there are several choices to tax expert solutions, Drake has proven to be one of the most preferred. The decision to use a particular program is usually made based on the size of your company or your budget. However, Drake fulfills these requirements and becomes an even more desirable solution.

Drake is a popular tax software with some very strong features, but we all face common challenges. Tax professionals currently have to deal with timely Tax filing, 24/7 customer support, and security issues. If you experience similar issues, it is time to consider hosting services from Drake Hosted Tax Software Providers.

Some Unique Features Provided By Drake Tax Software Hosting


Remote Accessibility for the software

It is difficult when a client calls at a moment you can’t provide any assistance because you’re not in the office. It can be necessary to order tax records during non-office hours, but the lack of internet availability sometimes makes it impossible. If the Drake software was instead hosted on a cloud based desktop, it would not be hardware-dependent and could potentially provide for more features or easier updates in the future.

It’s possible to store data online with Drake tax software which will then be accessible for you, no matter where you are or at what time. You can use any kind of smart device like your smartphone or laptop to access the cloud wherever it suits you best, whenever it suits you best.

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Reliable Data Security

As a tax professional, you’re acutely aware of the importance of data security. The internet age has raised the risk of exposure and an unauthorized leak could be seriously harmful to your business. For some tax professionals, it may not be possible to deploy strict security measures, but if you switch to Drake hosting then you’ll get benefits that include enhanced levels of security.

Hosted Drake tax software providers make sure that your data is secured on their remote servers with the help of high-level security standards. Create a reliable cloud hosting solution using standards like malware protection, end-to-end encryption, and two-factor authentication.


Setting up an in-house server for your Drake tax software can be very expensive. You would require an entire IT system, including the hardware and hiring professionals for constant maintenance. The full expense of building an in-house system to host Drake tax software might be very expensive and unaffordable for several small and medium businesses.

You can eliminate a vital part of these expenses by switching to Drake tax software cloud hosting solutions. The expenses for software deployment and maintenance are taken care of by your cloud hosting provider as per the Drake hosting subscription plan you have selected. Additionally, you will also get 24/7 customer assistance which is an affordable option instead of spending money on hiring IT professionals.

Apps4Rent is the most reliable hosting provider for Drake tax software with reliable data management and robust security. Additionally, they also offer services for Office 365 Migration and more for the benefit of your business.

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