7 Digital Marketing Strategies For Mortgage Brokers To Generate Clients

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Technology has evolved so much in the last decade. It becomes interesting to see how digital marketing has evolved in the mortgage industry specifically. For some, it can be overwhelming to know where to even begin when it comes to lead generation mortgage companies with digital media. However, here are seven digital marketing strategies that you can use as an agency or broker.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an umbrella term for any type of communication that uses content as its main focus. It can include blogs, articles, videos, and infographics. The goal of content marketing is to provide valuable information to your audience so that they feel compelled to engage with it and hopefully act on it.

Content marketing gives mortgage brokers a way to communicate directly with potential clients without relying on third parties like real estate agents or escrow officers who may not be familiar with all the details involved in buying or selling a home via mortgage broker services versus other types like traditional banks or credit unions.

Social Media Marketing

Mortgage brokers can leverage marketing on social media as a strategy to generate clients because it is low-cost and easy to do. The only investment required is mostly time, which mortgage brokers have in spades. Social media marketing can be done from anywhere at any time, so even working full-time doesn’t have to be a barrier.

The best way for mortgage brokers to get noticed on social media platforms is by creating content that people want to read or watch. They should write posts that are interesting or helpful, such as tips on buying a house or advice on how much money you can borrow if you want a renovation done before moving into your new home. There are plenty of topics related directly or indirectly to mortgages that make good posts.

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SEO is one of the best strategies for mortgage brokers to generate clients. The reason is that it helps you rank higher in search engines and therefore get more traffic from them. This means that you will be able to get more leads for your business and make more sales.

To rank higher, you need to make sure that you create a website that people will want to visit, as well as optimize it so that it shows up in search results when customers are looking for your services. This can be done by using keywords in your content, creating websites that are mobile-friendly, optimizing your images and videos, and making sure that your site loads quickly on all devices.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing is very similar to direct mail marketing but it is much more effective because it allows you to target specific customers based on their location or other criteria. You can also track exactly how many people opened the message and clicked on links within it so you know which parts of your message were most effective at generating interest from potential clients.

The benefit of email marketing is that it can be used as an ongoing strategy to grow your business by generating leads and building relationships with new clients. The main goal of email marketing should be getting people into your pipeline so that they can become clients down the road. You should use this strategy as a way of finding new clients who are interested in what you have to offer, rather than just sending out mass emails hoping that someone will respond back.

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PPC Advertising

PPC advertising can be a great strategy for mortgage brokers to generate client leads. The point about PPC advertising is that you can target people who are actively looking for your service, and then you can present them with the information that will make them want to work with you.

It’s important to note that PPC advertising doesn’t mean that you’re paying for clicks—it means that you’re paying for impressions. This means that if someone clicks on your ad, they’ll see it at the top of their search results. If they don’t click on it, then they’ll see it in their search results but not at the top.

This is why it’s important to have a strategy when using PPC advertising as part of your marketing plan: you need to know exactly what kind of language people are using when they search for “mortgage broker” or “home loans,” so that when they look at their results, they see your ad and think “oh yeah, I’m looking for a mortgage broker.”

Use Google Ads

Google Ads allows mortgage brokers to create ads that will appear on search engines when users are searching for keywords related to mortgages or real estate loans. The ads will show up on top of search results so users will see them first when they click on links related to mortgage broker websites. They may also appear at the bottom of search results too if there is enough space available on each page where users can view more information about what they were looking for in the first place before clicking through to another website altogether (or perhaps even leaving altogether).

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The benefit here is that these ads encourage visitors from all over the world who have never heard before about your services at all, let alone visit your website after seeing those particular ads pop up on their screens during their initial searches! This means you’ll get more traffic than ever before with the minimum effort required on your part.


A mortgage broker can get a lot of business referrals. This is because it is not only easier, but it also builds trust with the client. Since the client has already used the services of the mortgage broker, they know that what they are saying is true when referring them to other people.

The best way to get referrals from clients is by making sure that your clients feel comfortable and satisfied with the services they have received from you. If they are happy with everything then they will be more likely to refer others to you.

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