Treat Yourself to A Spa Treatment Center with Mineral Water

Healing treatments with mineral water from hot springs

My shoulder was still killing me. After weeks of therapy sessions with a therapist and injections by a sports doctor, my left rotator cuff was still bothering me. My wife Doris contracted a muscle in my back from a minor fall and I limped slightly from a blow to my right heel. In a state like ours, the three-and-a-half-hour drive from Bogotá to Paipa was a given. Because? This is because of the renowned thermal baths and the therapeutic mineral treatment center located in this small town of Boyacá. Spa in Al Barsha

Hydrohealing in the swimming pool

The first stop in the six-phase hydrotherapy treatment sequence takes you into an algae-rich therapeutic pool where two stages take place. One is to have a stream of water cascading over you from above. The powerful thermally heated flow provides deep healing to the tissues and muscles of the head, neck, shoulders, upper back, and arms when placed underneath. Spa in Al Barsha

There were twelve of us in the pool, so we alternated between the upper waterfall and the second. Sequence stop that also takes place in this pool, a hydro-healing jet under the surface at navel level or below depending on your height and your standing position. This powerful underwater jet effectively waves the lower back, kidneys, spine muscles, abdomen, and buttocks.


Forty minutes later, we were called out of the green waters and taken to a Jacuzzi room with two bubbling pools for the third of our six hydrotherapy sessions. The water is quite warm but pleasant for the most part. Again, we split into two groups. One set includes the hot tubs, while the others head to the bubble water beds located next to the hot tubs with the water up to their necks. The water is hot enough, so you’ll need to make it to the refreshing shower on one side of the room several times during this session, our therapy treatment guide advises. Our treatment program allows about twenty minutes here. At the end of this time, it is necessary to move on to the next phase of about twenty minutes, the hydro bubble beds.

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Hydro-bubble bed

Have you ever been lying in a Jacuzzi? Is this how our fourth therapeutic session begins? The concave cement water bubble bed requires you to lie down, first on your back as hot water jets and bubbles shoot from the spine, legs, back, and shoulders through the openings in the bed with a pebble surface. The water here is decidedly cooler than the hot tub, although still on the warm side of the temperature scale.

I liked the warm waters of the hot tub better, but I’m soon cradled in a blissful state by the bubbling streams that gently pound my back from head to toe. Knockback the voices of our guide’s warnings for a while during the session. I turn around so that my forehead can be done too, but I quickly decided that I preferred the effect on my back. A few minutes later, I roll over on my back and the rest for the rest of the session, which ends with some time to go to our treatment guide’s sauna.


A Thanksgiving turkey must start to feel this, I think after sitting on a wooden bench at the end of the paneled sauna. The slatted walls are too warm for me to support my back at first. Soon, as expected, the sweat begins to flow and our group glows in the faint glow of the hot rocks near the front wall of the room. We all made ourselves comfortable enough in the room. A teenage girl plays guess who with her parents as we sweat a horde of toxins from our skin and pollution-stressed systems. Spa in Al Barsha

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Spa in Al Barsha

My wife Doris tends to have high blood pressure, so she regularly takes a shower to cool off in an adjoining room. The cooler outside air is noticeable every time someone chooses to leave the smoky room. “Is he a politician? ” “He’s a singer?” “No” “Is this a famous person? “Yes,” she says, indicating that she is an athlete training the girl, “it should assist you a little.” It didn’t, and I decide that my brain doesn’t work well in these temps. The game continues with an old man sitting down.

“Is he Colombian?” Asks the mother. “Yes” “He’s a famous footballer like Pemble.” Everybody laughs. All know full well that Pembele was a boxer, not a footballer. But you also knew that, didn’t you? Doris walks for the third time to the refreshing shower and takes a glass of the fresh natural spring water available near each station, while I slip into the sauna.

Logotherapy – mineral mud therapy

For our last session, we will head to the “LoDo” therapy space, explains our guide from outside the open sauna door. Many women were waiting for this one. The mineral-laden mud from the nearby swamp was prepared as a skin treatment package. This particular treatment has some distinctive advantages, including:

1. Remove dead skin cells

2. Stimulation of circulation

3. Provide essential nutrients to the skin.

4. Helps strengthen muscles and skin tone.

5. Vigorously rubbing the mud helps soothe sore muscle areas.

This is where a little more fun begins. Upon entering the mud treatment room, each of us is given a wooden tray of the rich black mud to spread all over our body (or someone else’s). So each of us, in turn, sets to work smearing the slippery mud on our skin. Soon we will all be from the same tribe or at least we seem to be, as we are now all covered in a thick layer of fine-textured mud with grains of sand mixed in to help with its dead skin removal properties. Body Massage in Tecom

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I have never been so black in my life. Let it dry and then rinse it off in the shower. As the pink-colored body mask dries, you may feel your skin tighten up. As it dries, the mud takes on a gray tint. The whole process takes about fifteen minutes, including drying time. Large mirrors hang on the walls so you can see yourself stained. Most women actively enjoyed this rare type of mud viewing. The smell was not at all unpleasant and I did not taste the mud, especially after seeing the face of a woman who did. His expression convinced me well.

Hydro acupuncture showers

Showers were another special feature of hydrotherapy treatments. They have seven multi-jet showerheads that spray you from the front, back, and most importantly all at the same time. Hot water came from the side and top, while the cooler water hit your forehead from your knees. The experience was actually quite pleasant and in a fit of hedonism, I asked my wife if anyone else was waiting to enter. His “No” answer meant that I could sneak a few more minutes into the hydro acupuncture showers as they were called. Spa in Al Barsha

The man was awesome. The Therapeutic Center of Thermal Mineral Water of Paipa is open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. approximately. In addition to its popular hydrotherapy treatment, the center also offers full or partial body massages and there are three thermal pools adjacent to the therapy center facilities. Whatever your ailments, you will get relief and a relaxed session to calm your stress and exhausted nerves to aid the healing process at a thermal spa of your choice, wherever you live.

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