PMKS5: Looking for A New Microphone Stand?

When choosing a good quality microphone stand, you want to choose one that can accommodate different microphones and batteries, as well as a variety of stand mounting options. You also want a sturdy design that’s going to last through years of use. If you use your equipment on a regular basis, you should consider investing in a sturdily constructed piece that can withstand the abuse. If you are going to buy one, these below might be the reasons why you should buy a PMks5 Microphone Stand.

Design of PMks5 Microphone Stands

This type of stand consists of two main parts which are a base and a mic stand. The base is what holds the actual microphone up and keeps it in a place that you can use to install the actual equipment. There are also stands that have wheels attached to them that are used for mobility and are great if you want to transport your equipment around easily. The actual stand consists of a thin piece of wood with a hinge on one of its ends, and this is what allows the user to open it up and place the microphone where it needs to be.


Advantages of PMks5 Microphone Stands


A flexible stand with a heavy-duty carrying handle makes transporting your PMks5 Microphone a breeze. Simply place your microphone on the apparatus, attached to the stand with the included cable, and begin recording immediately. This product comes equipped with a conveniently located ground clip, which allows you to easily remove the microphone without taking the entire stand with you. The shock mount is specifically designed for use with microphones that have cables, so you won’t have to deal with tangles when transferring your equipment between venues. This convenient feature allows you to avoid using a separate ground stand while recording.

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Since all of the PMks5 Microphone Stands are portable, you can bring them along with you virtually anywhere. You don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be comfortable when you’re traveling to your next gig or conducting interviews in an auditorium. Most models come equipped with adjustable vibration damping for a smooth, quiet recording. Simply adjust the vibration damping and watch the sounds roll right through to your headphones. Some models even feature a foot pedal for additional control during your recording.

In addition to being portable, these microphone stands are also ergonomically friendly. Many are designed so that the operator has access to all levels of the stand, giving him or her a level of functionality unavailable from most stands. If you want to get creative with your sound, you can use these stands to produce a variety of effects, from echo to wooshing. You can also vary the speed of the mic in these devices, so you can create the perfect ambiance for your recording. There are many different models available to suit your needs, and once you start using one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Easy for group work

The collapsible design makes these devices great for group applications, too. You can easily transport and share your recordings with your bandmates. Most models come complete with a carrying case, which provides protection for your investment while ensuring the top of the audio component is protected against damage. These stands are also handy when you want to transfer your microphone or sound system to multiple platforms. Simply attach the case, lift it up, and bring it down again – it’s that simple!

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Recommended types of PMks5 Microphone Stands

There are several different brands of this product on the market. If you prefer a smaller model, be sure to choose one from a reputable manufacturer. The circuitry inside a microphone stand is sensitive and needs to be optimized for each product. Additionally, the circuitry inside a stand can fail after some use, so be sure your selection contains components from a top manufacturer. You should also be sure that any PMks5 Microphone Stands you select has a warranty.


The PMks5 Microphone Stands from Logitechare designed to make your recording experience as simple and hassle-free as possible. With its sleek, compact design and lightweight construction, this Pyle Pro PMKS5 Microphone Mount ensures you’ll be the center of attention wherever you go. Whether you’re going to the stage or need to transport the stand on your own, this flexible stand is constructed with a lightweight metal material that lets it easily withstand rough use. It also has an included carrying strap, making it a comfortable and stable choice for any environment. This product is ergonomically designed with comfort in mind.


The Pyle Pro PMks5 Microphone Stand is one of the most compact and convenient stands out there. With its sleek and thin design and durable material, this Pyle Pro PMKS 5 Compact Base Adjustable Microphone Stand ensures you’ll be the center of attention during your next stage performance. Whether you’re looking for a simple stand that’s easy to transport or desire a stand that can be moved around on your stage when you require it, this stand is constructed from a sturdy lightweight material that enables optimal mobility. And since it goes along with both shock absorbers and a stabilizer, there’s no chance that it will topple under the slightest bit of pressure.

Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the Pyle PMks5 is able to withstand both drop and impact trauma thanks to its lightweight structure. Its collapsible design allows you to fold conveniently against the support of two metal columns, keeping your equipment secure while also allowing you to keep your hands free. And if there’s a bit of extra space you’re looking for, there’s plenty of expandability, with an optional add-on column that lets you raise your stand to the height of your stage, which will give you easier access to your mikes. This flexible feature makes it perfect for any venue, whether it’s a small schoolhouse, a large corporate conference room, or even a stage for a rock band.

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Before making your final decision, have a look at some sample videos to see what a particular model looks like in use. This will help you visualize what it will look like when it’s in your possession. The bottom line is that you’re going to get a lot of use out of your PMks5 Microphone Stand, so be sure that it serves its purpose. It’s also worth spending just a little bit more to get a good quality stand, rather than settling for the first one you see. In the long run, it will prove invaluable to your recording studio.

Other Related Sources

Related sources

1. Microphone Stand – Universal Mic Mount with Heavy Compact Base, Height Adjustable (2.8’ – 5’ ft.)- PMKS5

Pyle introduces two universal boom stick mic stand in glossy black finish. An ideal floor mic stand for the musician that’s always on the go. Perfect mic holder positioning & optimal pickup for studio use and concert performances.


2. PMKS5 – Home and Office – Mounts – Stands – Holders

Product Description:

Die-Cast And Steel ConstructionSleek Black FinishUltra-Light For Easy TransportMIC Holder IncludedHeight Adjustment From 33.5″ to 60.24”Length Of Boom: 33.46”Weight: 9.92lbs.


3. Pyle Pro Microphone Stand with Heavy Compact Base and Universal Mic Mount, Height Adjustable (2.8 to 5′)

The Microphone Stand with Heavy Compact Base and Universal Mic Mount, Height Adjustable (2.8 to 5′) by Pyle features a strong, durable, and lightweight construction. The stand allows a single mic to be mounted using the included universal mic clip. The easy-adjust extending arm allows height adjustments to be made within a range of 33.6 to 60″.


4. Pyle PMKS5 Compact Base Black Microphone Stand – Walmart

Whether you’re at home, in the studio, or on the road, you can count on the PylePro PMKS5 Microphone Stand for easy travel, durability, and ease of use.


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