TCL TV – Offering Exceptional Performance

What’s So Great About Toshiba’s New TCL TV?

Quite simply, the answer is that Toshiba’s been one of the leaders in television entertainment for several years now, and they know what they’re doing when it comes to televisions. With their Tru-X range of LCD TVs, they’ve set the standard for how television viewing should be done – and they’re not about to change course any time soon. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what Toshiba’s latest offering has to offer. After all, no TV is going to make your life better if you haven’t picked out one yet.

Are Smart Apps And Screen Size Important?

Short answer: smart apps and screen size are important, but not as much as you’d think. For example, the slightly-smaller-than-normal-sized ” Brigitte” model in the company’s lineup features on-screen software that allows users to stream live broadcasts from a variety of sources, such as BBC World and Al Arab. Similarly, the “Duel” models have slightly better display quality, but use less storage space than their predecessors – while retaining the same sharp screen and great sound quality. Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re looking for in an LCD TV, and how much you’re willing to spend.

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Some Apps Can Be Used with TCL TV


Let’s start with the most popular application: Netflix. There’s no doubt that Netflix has the best user experience out there, and the latest model in the range boasts a particularly sharp and vibrant screen that looks absolutely wonderful in HD. The added advantage of an LCD TV is that the screen can be viewed at an even higher resolution (up to 1080p) than that on the previous model, and this makes a significant difference. If you watch a lot of high-definition content on Netflix or want to view your daily videos on a big-screen HDTV, then buying an LG LCD TV is definitely the way to go. If not, then save yourself some cash and pick up one of those low-resolution Netflix boxes.

Netflix app with TCL TV


For those who prefer their television viewing experience to be as hands-free as possible, another great application is Handycam. Handycam makes using your TCL TV as a video camera easier than ever before, and you can use it to capture fun videos and even short movies. As well as recording your screen, Handycam also records voice – so you get a better idea of just what the people in the shot are actually talking about. Using Handycam is also a great way to improve your social networking skills, as you can invite your friends to share their videos with you!

Handycam HD

The final application worth mentioning is Handycam HD. This app is actually more like a digital video recorder than a simple video camcorder, as it captures a live feed of the scene on its internal memory. With this feature, you no longer have to wait for the video to be recorded onto your SD card, as you can immediately watch it straight from your PC or Mac. It’s handy if you want to capture that last great big pan of your family’s vacation to remember the trip.

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HDTVs are all the rage these days – and with good reason. Between HDCP and the clear picture quality, HDTV offers the very best quality television to its viewers. But while your favorite shows and programs are super-high definition, purchasing the best TVs won’t be as easy as it sounds. In order to enjoy all the features and advantages that your new TV has to offer, you’ll need to purchase the corresponding high-definition TCL TV.


TCL TV comes in different sizes and specifications. If you’re shopping for a large screen HDTV, TCL TV is your best option. Other features worth checking out include picture quality, sound quality, the number of remote controls, and the brand’s reputation. Aside from providing excellent picture and sound quality, TCL TV also promises to take care of your electricity bills by conserving energy. The company is part of the EPC Group, an industry leader when it comes to energy efficiency. When choosing an appliance to power your TCL TV, you’re also getting the same energy-efficient features and top-notch quality that other popular brands offer. If you’re looking for an affordable entertainment center, then the best televisions from TCL TV are the ones they manufacture.

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